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2019.- Woodstock 50, which at one point had Miley Cyrus, Jay-Z, Santana and John Fogerty on board, is officially cancelled because of legal and logistical problems. Santana and Fogerty celebrate the anniversary with shows at the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, where the original Woodstock took place.

2016.- Justin Timberlake accepts the Decade Award at the Teen Choice Awards, the first time the award is given out. He says, “As a former teen, who’s made a few choices along the way, I’m here to tell you that you and your choices matter.”
2010Switchfoot perform at the 2010 Boy Scouts of America National Jamboree final arena show in Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia.
2010Alicia Keys marries the producer Swizz Beatz (Kasseem Dean) at a ceremony on the island of Corsica. Keys is pregnant with their first child, Egypt.
2004 It’s “Mac Davis Day” in Lubbock, Texas, home of the songwriter who composed such classics as “In The Ghetto” and “A Little Less Conversation.”
1995 Jamaica issues a commemorative series of postage stamps honoring local native and reggae legend Bob Marley.
1982Kim Wilde visits injured soldier Michael Barnett at Woolwich Army Hospital in England on his 21st birthday. Barnett, who has Wilde’s name tattooed on his arm, lost a hand in the Falklands War.
1980The Mamas & The Papas founder and vocalist “Papa” John Phillips is arrested for possession of cocaine and running a phony prescription scam with a local pharmacy and eventually sentenced to eight years in prison (though this sentence would later be reduced to 30 days in jail and community service).
1979Donny Osmond’s wife, Debra Glenn, gives birth to their first child, Donny Jr.
1978 Will Champion (drummer for Coldplay) is born in Southampton, Hampshire, England.
1977The Starland Vocal Band Show, a variety series hosted by the group famous for the hit “Afternoon Delight,” debuts on CBS. It lasts just six episodes.
1976George Benson’s Breezin’ album hits #1 in America.
1976 Orleans release “Still The One.”
1971 After being denied entrance to a Who concert in New York City’s Forest Hills Stadium, an ex-convict stabs and kills the security guard.
1971 Guitarist John William Lowery is born in Grosse Point, Michigan. Better known by his stage name “John 5,” he goes on to contribute to acts such as Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

1964.- Country singer Jim Reeves dies at age 40 when he crashes his private plane while flying over Brentwood, Tennessee, in the midst of a violent thunderstorm. He will continue to chart after his death, with “Distant Drums” fighting the Beatles’ double-sided “Yellow Submarine” and “Eleanor Rigby” for the #1 spot in the UK.
1963Fatboy Slim is born Quentin Leo Cook in Bromley, Kent, England.
1959 Cliff Richard charts his first UK #1 hit with “Living Doll,” which becomes the top-selling single of 1959 in Britain.
1958 Bill Berry (drummer for R.E.M.) is born in Duluth, Minnesota.
1957 Daniel Ash (guitarist for Bauhaus, Love and Rockets) is born in Northampton, England.
1953 Cellist Hugh McDowell (of Electric Light Orchestra) is born in Hampstead, London, England.
1951Ray Charles gets married for the first time. His bride is Eileen Williams, a beautician from Chicago. Their union lasts just one year.
1947 Karl Green (bassist for Herman’s Hermits) is born in Manchester, England.
1943 Seventies singer-songwriter Lobo is born Roland Kent LaVoie in Tallahassee, Florida.
1942 Daniel Boone, a British pop singer known for the 1972 hit “Beautiful Sunday,” is born Peter Charles Green in Birmingham, England.
1942 Harry James records “I’ve Heard That Song Before.”
1931 Jazz guitarist Kenny Burrell is born in Detroit, Michigan.
1923 Ahmet Ertegun, co-founder and president of Atlantic Records, is born in Istanbul, Turkey. Also a songwriter, he writes songs such as “Chains of Love” and “Sweet Sixteen” under the pseudonym A. Nugetre.
1918 Jazz pianist Hank Jones is born in Vicksburg, Mississippi. In addition to releasing over 60 albums, he also accompanies Marilyn Monroe as she famously sings “Happy Birthday, Mr. President,” to John F. Kennedy on May 19, 1962.
1911 George Liberace, violinist and elder brother to the mononymous entertainer Liberace, is born in Menasha, Wisconsin.

1846.- France’s army gives legitimacy to Belgian Adolphe Sax’s latest invention, the saxophone, by including it in their marching band.

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