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2014.- A copy of Caustic Window, an album by Richard James (aka Aphex Twin) that was abandoned after test-pressing allegedly only five copies, sells for $46,300 on eBay. The winner is Markus Persson, creator of video game Minecraft.

2011.- Beyoncé releases 4. It’s her fourth album; the title also references her favorite number, as she was born on September 4 and married on April 4.
2010 JoJo Billingsley (backing vocalist for Lynyrd Skynyrd) dies of cancer at age 58.
2008 A blogger who had thought it would be a good idea to leak some finished tracks from Guns N’ Roses’ Chinese Democracy receives a visit from the FBI and a cease-and-desist letter.
2004Doris Day receives the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
1999 Pioneering music technologist and World War II veteran John Thomas “Jack” Mullin dies of a heart attack at 85 years old.
1994Weezer release “Undone – The Sweater Song,” the first single from their debut album, Weezer (aka The Blue Album).
1991 14-year-old Shakira releases her debut album, Magia. Though sales are dismal, the collection of Spanish-language pop tunes boosts her visibility in her native Colombia. Two years later, she releases its followup, Peligro.
1978Jackson Browne and Pete Seeger perform in Seabrook, New Hampshire, to protest a nuclear reactor planned for the site. It’s one of the first “no nukes” rallies where musicians get involved, and it leads to a more organized effort: Musicians United For Safe Energy (MUSE), which also involves Bruce Springsteen, Bonnie Raitt, James Taylor. The Seabrook plant is built, but efforts to build more are thwarted, as opposition to nuclear power becomes more vociferous.
1973 Blues Project reunite for a concert in Central Park.
1971 Robert Altman’s McCabe & Mrs. Miller is released to theaters. Altman loves Leonard Cohen’s work, and the soundtrack for this “anti-western” leans heavily on three songs from Songs of Leonard Cohen. On the merits of his film Brewster McCloud, which Cohen had seen and loved, Altman sold Cohen on the project and even convinced the “prince of pessimism” to create some new music for the film.
1970Glenn Medeiros is born in Kauai, Hawaii.

1969 Written and produced by Sonny Bono, the romantic drama Chastity casts Cher, in her first solo film role, as a hippie runaway who tries to overcome her troubled past. The movie bombs and turns Cher off from acting in films for the next decade.
1967 Jeff Cease (former guitarist for The Black Crowes) is born in Nashville, Tennessee.
1966 The Richard Carpenter Trio (with sister Karen on drums) wins a “Battle Of The Bands” at the Hollywood Bowl.

1966.- The Supremes record “Love Is Like an Itching In My Heart.”
1965John Lennon’s second book of drawings and nonsense rhymes, A Spaniard In The Works, is published.
1961 Curt Smith (bass guitarist, vocalist for Tears for Fears) is born in Bath, Somerset, England.
1960 Siedah Garrett, co-writer of Michael Jackson’s “Man In The Mirror” and his duet partner on “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You,” is born in Los Angeles.
1959 Andy McCluskey (vocalist, bass guitarist for OMD) is born in Heswall, Cheshire, England.
1957 Terence “Astro” Wilson (percussionist, trumpet player for UB40) is born in Birmingham, England.
1949 John Illsley (bass guitarist for Dire Straits) is born in Leicester, England.
1948 Patrick Moraz (keyboardist for Yes, The Moody Blues) is born in Morges, Switzerland.
1947 Mick Fleetwood (drummer for Fleetwood Mac) is born in Redruth, Cornwall, England, though he’ll grow up in locales around the world due to his father’s career as a Royal Air Force fighter pilot.
1945 Colin Blunstone (lead singer of The Zombies) is born in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, England.
1944 Rock guitarist Jeff Beck is born in Wallington, England.
1944 Chris Wood (flautist/saxophonist/keyboardist for Traffic) is born in Quinton, Birmingham, England.

1942 Arthur Brown is born Arthur Wilton in Yorkshire, England. Making a name for himself in the world of performance art, he has a huge hit with “Fire.”
1939 Oz Bach (guitarist for Spanky and Our Gang) is born Paul Michael Bach in Paw Paw, West Virginia.

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