9 July, 2019 Un día como Hoy Grupo Stereo Siete


2017.- The radio station Mansfield 103.2 in England is hijacked by a transmitter hacker, who engages in some monkeyshines, saying, “I’m a w–ker, I’m a w–ker” in a Nottinghamshire accent before playing the “The Winker’s Song (Misprint)” by Ivor Biggun, a paean to self-pleasure that repeats the phrase over and over.

2012.- Soul singer Linda “Kay Kay” Greenwade (of Kay Kay and the Rays) dies at age 56 after a long period of ill health, including diabetes and a brain tumor.
2011 Matt Bellamy of Muse and his fiancé Kate Hudson welcome a baby boy. Hudson had a boy with Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson seven years earlier.
2006 Milan B. Williams (keyboardist for The Commodores) dies of cancer at age 58.
2003Buzzcocks play Madison Square Garden for the first time ever in their career, opening for Pearl Jam.
2001 During an appearance on MTV’s TRL, four of the Backstreet Boys announce their Black & Blue tour will be put on hold so their fifth member, AJ McLean, can enter rehab to treat alcoholism and depression.
1999 Avoiding a legal battle over whether or not they were ever legally married (they had a ceremony in Bali in 1991), Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall reach a settlement, calling their split an annulment.
1995Hootie & the Blowfish play the first-ever concert at the Meadows Music Theater in Hartford, Connecticut, drawing a crowd of 17,000.
1977 Alan O’Day’s “Undercover Angel” hits #1. It will hold the position for one week.
1969 The Beatles start recording “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer.”
1969 John Lennon makes his solo debut on the UK charts with “Give Peace A Chance.”
1968 The Beatles release “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-da.”
1964 Courtney Love (of Hole) is born Courtney Michelle Harrison in San Francisco, California.
1959 Jim Kerr (lead singer for Simple Minds) is born in Toryglen, Glasgow, Scotland.
1957 Marc Almond (lead vocalist for Soft Cell) is born Peter Mark Sinclair Almond in Southport, Lancashire, England.

1957.- Elvis Presley’s second film, Loving You, has its US premiere (Elvis does not attend since he got a special showing the night before).
1954 Debbie Sledge (of Sister Sledge) is born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
1946 Bon Scott is born Ronald Belford Scott in Kirriemuir, Scotland. He is raised in Australia, where he meets Angus and Malcolm Young and eventually becomes lead singer of their band AC/DC.
1946 John “Mitch” Mitchell (drummer for the Jimi Hendrix Experience) is born in Greenwich, London, England. Before becoming a musician, he’ll start his entertainment career as an actor, appearing on the children’s program Jennings and Derbyshire and starring in the 1960 film Bottom’s Up.
1941 Don McPherson (of The Main Ingredient) is born in Indianapolis, Indiana.
1929 Bluegrass mandolinist Jesse McReynolds (of Jim & Jesse) is born in Carfax, Virginia.
1929 Singer-songwriter Lee Hazlewood, known for his collaborations with Duane Eddy and Nancy Sinatra, is born Barton Lee Hazlewood in Mannford, Oklahoma.
1927 Sixties pop singer Ed Ames (“My Cup Runneth Over”) is born Edmund Dantes Urick in Malden, Massachusetts.
1925 Fifties pop singer Alan Dale (“(The Gang that Sang) Heart of My Heart”) is born Aldo Sigismondi in Brooklyn, New York City.

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