Un día como Hoy

6 OCTOBER 2006.- Fabulous Wailers guitarist and trumpeter John Greek dies.

5 OCTOBER 2014.- Leonard Delaney (drummer for The Tornadoes) dies at age 71 after a lengthy battle with Alzheimer’s disease.

2 OCTOBER 2019.- Kim Shattuck of The Muffs dies at 56 after a battle with ALS. Her bandmates remember her as “a brilliant songwriter, rocking guitarist and singer/screamer extraordinaire.”

1 OCTOBER 2018.- Peggy Sue Gerron, subject of the Buddy Holly hit “Peggy Sue,” dies at 78.

30 SEPTEMBER 2019.- Green Day and the National Hockey League announce a partnership deal that includes the band playing halftime of the 2020 All-Star Game, and their song “Fire, Ready, Aim” as the opening theme to the Wednesday Night Hockey broadcasts.

29 SEPTEMBER 2017.- A statue of Jimmy Bain by Colin Cairns Ford is unveiled in the bass player’s hometown of Dunbar, Scotland.

28 SEPTEMBER 2016.- Lily Allen’s wish to have the man of her dreams throw her over his shoulder and carry her off comes true when she drinks herself into a stupor at the Notting Hill Carnival.

24 SEPTEMBER 2019.- Opera star Plácido Domingo, scheduled to star the next day in Macbeth at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City, backs out amid allegations of sexual misconduct that surfaced weeks earlier. This ends Domingo’s association with The Met, where he had performed for the last 51 consecutive years.

23 SEPTEMBER 2019.- Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter dies at 78.

22 SEPTEMBER 2018.- Paul McCartney’s album Egypt Station hits #1 in America, his first chart-topper on that tally since Tug of War in 1982.

21 SEPTEMBER 2017.- To thwart low payouts on YouTube, Post Malone releases a version of his latest single, “Rockstar,” that is just the chorus looped five times. Comments are disabled, and users are offered a link to hear the full version on more profitable platforms.

20 SEPTEMBER 2014.- Lauryn Hill turns up an hour-and-a-half late for her show at the Brixton Academy, performs speeded-up remixes of her songs, and is booed by the crowd.

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