Un día como Hoy

5 de Mayo: 2018 The musical Jagged Little Pill, based on Alanis Morissette’s 1995 album of the same name, debuts at the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Mayo 4:   2017.- Implying that they will soon be voted out of office, Democrats sing “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye” to taunt Republicans in the House of Representatives after a Republican-sponsored bill replacing the Affordable Care Act passes.

3 MAY In Music History 2014 Drummer Bobby Gregg, who played on Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone” and Simon and Garfunkel’s hit rock version of “The Sound of Silence,” dies at age 78 from reasons unknown.

Mayo  2: 1934. Nace Shirley Horn, en Washington (Estados Unidos). Cantante y pianista de jazz que también bebió de las aguas del pop. Su carrera abarca desde los años cincuenta hasta los ochenta. Murió en 2005. 1939. Nace Judy Collins, en Seattle, Washington (Estados Unidos). Exquisita cantautora folk. En 1961 publicó su primer álbum, «Maid […]

On this day 29 March 1966 Rolling Stone Mick Jagger was injured during a gig in Marseilles, Southern France after a fan threw a chair at the stage. Jagger required eight stitches in the cut.

On this day: 26 March 1964 The British invasion continued to make its way around the world with The Beatles having the top six positions on the Australian pop chart.

On this day: 23 March 1956 Elvis Presley released his self titled studio album in mono on RCA Victor. The album spent ten weeks at No.1 on the Billboard Pop Albums chart in 1956, the first rock and roll album ever to make it to the top of the charts, and the first million-selling album […]

On this day: 22 March 1956 While driving to New York for appearances on ‘The Perry Como Show’, and ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’, the car that Carl Perkins was traveling in was involved in an accident putting Perkins in hospital for several months. The singer received four broken ribs and a broken shoulder, his brother […]

On this day: 21 March 1956 Elvis Presley appeared at the 4,000 seated YMCA Gymnasium in Lexington, North Carolina. Also on the bill, Mother Maybelle and the Carter Sisters, featuring June Carter, Rod Brasfield, Hal and Ginger. Tickets cost $1 for general admission and $1.50 for reserved seats.

20 March On this day 1960 Elvis Presley started his first recordings since being discharged from the US Army. A 12 hour session in a Nashville recording studio produced his next No.1 single, ‘Stuck On You’. Scotty Moore and Bill Black, who had quit Presley’s touring band in 1957, were in the studio with him […]

November 27th: On this day 1961, Neil Christian and the Crusaders, featuring a young Jimmy Page on guitar, played a concert at Holloway Women’s Prison in London, England. The inmates were all dressed in washed out yellow, green, blue and red faded floral print dresses and wore homemade mascara, using the charcoal from burnt matches.

November 26th: On this Day 1958, Johnny Cash made his debut on the US country chart when ‘Cry! Cry! Cry!’ made it to number 14. His next seven singles would all make the country top 10, with ‘I Walk the Line’ and ‘There You Go’ both hitting number 1.

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