Un día como Hoy

17 NOVEMBER 2016.- Peter Gabriel launches the “Imprisoned For Art” campaign, an effort to free prisoners around the world who have been sent to jail for opposing their governments.

16 NOVEMBER 2018.- Songwriter Scott English, whose compositions include “Bend Me, Shape Me” and “Mandy,” dies at 81.

14 NOVEMBER 2012.- Brian Eno is awarded the Royal Designer for Industry (RDI) distinction, established by the British Royal Society for Arts, for “his ground-breaking use of sound in technology and media and long term sustainable thinking.” Eno is the only recipient awarded for sound design.

13 NOVEMBER 2016.- Leon Russell, 2011 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, dies in his sleep at age 74.

12 NOVEMBER 2012.- The Rolling Stones release GRRR!, a hits compilation album.

11 NOVEMBER 2012.- During a show at the Perth Arena in Australia, INXS drummer Jon Farriss tells the crowd, “Tonight is very likely to probably be the last show we ever do.” The next day, the band confirms that they are calling it quits after 35 years.

10 NOVEMBER 2017.- Following a publicity campaign where she purges her social media accounts and posts video of a hissing snake, Taylor Swift releases her sixth album, Reputation.

9 NOVEMBER 2015.- Allen Toussaint dies at age 77. A giant in the New Orleans musician scene, he wrote “Southern Nights,” which was a #1 hit for Glen Campbell in 1977.

8 NOVEMBER 2012.- Tragedy strikes at a Linkin Park concert in Cape Town, South Africa, when high winds cause scaffolding to collapse. This sends an advertisement tower plummeting into the crowd of fans in the parking lot after the show, killing one and injuring 19 more.

7 NOVEMBER 2017.- Aretha Franklin plays at Elton John’s AIDS Foundation gala at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City in what turns out to be her final performance. “We were witnessing the greatest soul artist of all time,” Elton says.

6 NOVEMBER 2015.- After visiting the Texas Capitol two days earlier, Ozzy Osbourne visits the Alamo in San Antonio, where he famously peed on a statue in 1982. Ozzy’s road trip is part of a History Channel show he’s working on with his son, Jack.

5 NOVEMBER 2017.- Robert Knight, who had a hit with “Everlasting Love,” dies at 72.

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